Friday, 25 October 2013

''Party Scene''

Gregory's got his girl,
He in the corner,
Chewing at her ear,
Pete is in the queue,
Flatting down his bed hair,
Licking on his fingers and repeat.

Sandy took too much,
Noone will convince here,
To go home and blah, blah and such and such,
Veronica is asking everyone at bar,
If they saw Pete,
As her eyes gently flutterby and come to life.

This light flatters the demon inside,
That noone knows,
He's bowling up and down steps,
Grasping at the method of undue stares,
He claps his eyes twice at Victoria then inverts,
He looks up again when she's gone he had deflated.

Where were you?
In a circle singing to The Only Ones,
The post punks moved from their offices,
Onto a spinning dancefloor climbing aboard,
Where Sandy's travel sickness left her floor bound,
She's out their swimming hoping not to drown.

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