Friday, 6 December 2013

''Noone Else''

Whatever you wanted to know,
I always hoped that you'd ask,
The people I've known,
The stepping stones of my past,
They got me here with you,
Your attention gleamed towards something new.

As we are taught from such a young age,
There is no love like a love forbidden,
The one we keep hidden,
The same ancient routines,
Falling in and out the same loops,
We are damned to repeat,
One after another,
Perfecting lists of remnants of just an extra lover.

Noone else would just stand and stare,
There's noone else I want to take me there.

Kicks to the teeth,
Will stop you smiling,
What boiled up underneath,
An optimism still driving,
You didn't know,
But did you care,
Was the helping hand,
To much to bare.