Saturday, 17 December 2011

Cut A Lonely Figure

I've seen the man in you,
He cuts a lonely figure,
Seems brand new,
Focusing in on the sinner,
I've go to go,
I've got engagements that were prior.

You said you would never perish,
I've seen you shine brightly,
Pleading out and diminished,
Stepping out politley.

Cutting another lonely figure,
Couldn't see it smiling back,
I've got to go,
Understanding I see you know.

Understate how I missed you.

In the clearing,
Shining in the black
You had to go,
But now your'e coming back.

Thursday, 15 December 2011


Into light we conviene,
Wearing down our wheels,
With the exctracts we percieve,
In the eyes contact,
That we receive,
The dark side of the body,
We leave unseen.

Into life we remain,
In dwarved status,
We spend our days,
Screaming intropsections of disdain.

Infatuations of light,
Barely recognised,
Loves drained but not despised,
Into another light conveined,
In a tunnel,
With recognised dreams.

Into the light we conviene,
Staring at introspecting screams,
The dark side of the reality,
Blessed and unseen.

Saturday, 5 November 2011

All Hallows Dream

I'm the werewolf in the living room.
Praying for a full moon,
Couldnt crush a grape in a fruit fight,
Self deprecate myself out of situations
Waiting on the brightest night,
Forget its ramifacations,
Counting away the days,
Washing my car on sundays.

The devils inside of me,
Itching to appear,
Vanity may be the death of me,
The other side is glazed in fear
The mirrors the only friend I need,
With no reflection staring back at me.

Hubble bubble,
Toil and salon stubble,
Chinese burns and cauldron bubble,
Eye of newt and botox troubles,
Fillet of chicken and pasta bake,
In the couldron boil and bake,
Wool of bat and tongue of dog,
Stir in the high street snakes.

Saturday, 15 October 2011

''Let Love Fill Up Your Lungs''

Recreationally i've been wasting time,
Minding my own business,
Reaching out for fresh air,
Closing your eyes to inhale,
Let love fill up your lungs.

Seen you flying in the skies,
Reflected horizons in your eyes,
Diving and dancing,
Freedom is granted,
A sight so enchanting.

Chasing rainbows,
Weaving between drops of rain,
Vitamin D from the sun
Close your eyes to inhale,
Let love fill up your lungs.

On the horizons sun, Monograms of ourselves, Restraints unfold and were undone.

Happiness is the holy grail,
For a modern life,
Close your eyes and inhale,
As the heavens open,
Let love fill up your lungs.

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Beautiful Day

Turn on the T.V,
A man in a suit proceeds to tell me,
That fighting talk fills the streets,
I look out my window,
The pavement is neat and tidy.

We knew pollen could make you weak,
But please come play,
You've got rosey cheeks,
Its a beautiful day.

Blackbirds fly bye and flock at 8,
Wafting through the echoes of the dark,
Close those eyes and inhale,
Its been a beautiful today.

New Elizabeth

New Elizabeth came in and ran supreme,
Interrupting you birthday week,
A simple glare, a smile and reaction,
A new incentive and distraction.

The wish it leaves the lovers breath,
The two of you were all thats left,
During armageddon you weren't bereft,
In an upturned bath,
The two of you gazed and laughed.

Glances and shared smiles,
Illuminate the road.

Sunday, 28 August 2011


All I can do is sit by her side,
And know she wont break the night,
What a time we had,
Before you perched on the floor,
With me by your side,
I’ve got the best spot,
She is the prettiest site.

Can I take your hands,
And lead this last dance
There’s spring in my step,
That wont let go,
Through the cracks in the moonlight,
I look amazed that I know.

I’ve got the best place,
Here in your space,
By my side,
The prettiest scene,
Felt what I cant hide,
A picturesque dream.

Saturday, 20 August 2011


Fuelled by madness,
Happiness and sadness,
Fuelled by football,
And a love of doing fuck all,
Fulled by contradictions,
Honesty and bad decisions.

Incandescence rears at any point necessary,
Overwhelming inspirations,
Fuels the pits necessity,
Clinging on desparatley.

Thinking philosopshies,
Shouting obscenitites,
Hiding Blemishes
Practising extremities.


His integrity he plunders,
Without grace,
Hitting the floor in fields of thunder,
Glimpse his disgrace,
Looking down your nose,
Doesn't suit your face.

 Shake your finger,
At the indulgence,
Its no distress,
From here looking up,
In no state to impress,
The literal face of excess.

More self righteous an entity he had never known,
On his route to the palace of wisdom,
So cast the first stone,
But you'll probably miss,
No eyes will wince,
From the face of excess.


We can only be,
The concoctions in love that we truly perceive,
There's no relevance in deceit,
Just grace in defeat,
It may be us against them,
There's no solutions without problems.

Dont rip me off emotionally,
And expect a kiss on the mouth,
Just behave freely,
What I adore dearly.

I didnt get clearance from the father,
To be the safety net for his daughter,
Now I'm wearing my feathery wings,
And flying south for the winter,

There's no solution to impulse,
No register for change,
Just problems and compulsions,
Just brains and slipstreams,
Close enough was nowhere near,
Just me and you dear.

Tuesday, 28 June 2011

The Coping Cloak

The Coping Cloak

Eloquence in a burst of rage is hard to get right,
No subtle riots or gloves in a drunken street fight.

You cant shut us up we've got nothing to say,
You try to ignore us but we just walk away.

The brightest light there has ever been shines from the greatest love you've never seen,
Await and commence and be everything you can only believe.

The voices in my head really get on with my nerves,
They poke around the synaps without the credit the deserve.

Reclusing me, into my ever decreasing sleep,
Into my gardens bird box, Just to hide in peace.

Sitting on your bones and resting on your laurels,
Counting out ten pound notes disgracing all you morals.

Scrubbing away at my sins into industrial biffa bins,
Leave's just me and the psalms of my vulnerable.

Wednesday, 22 June 2011

The Wind Around The Butterflies Wing

Each step is cataclysmic,
Like the wind around the butterflies wing,
Every daisy chain we make,
Falls to earth with a shudder,
Paw prints left in the sand,
Shape a colossal structure.

Self destructing leaves,
On well worn paths,
In an optimistic queue,
Seven smiles,
Are six and another,
Wonders of the world.

What you want in everything,
Is hidden,
In the bottom of the wardrobe,
So you fly around,
And hide till your bored,
Pouring out irreverant subversion.

Like the wind around the butterflies wing,
I see the stars colliding.

Friday, 29 April 2011

''Let Me Go''

A frumpy lack of inspiration,
Squeezes its way through the crack in the windscreen,
Breathing my oxygen,
Erupting within my personal space,
A bloated facade,
Flicked the child locks on.

Let me go,
Allow me grace and dignity,
Let me feel heat when its freezing,
Allow me to breathe,
Or suffocate in peace.

Your t-shirts animated,
As I bounce of the ceilings,
The fear in mirrors,
Is exhausting,
Finding reflection becomes less appealing.

Let me go,
Allow me grace and dignity,
Allow me to breath,
Keep Britain tidy.

Saturday, 16 April 2011

The Barn

Scowl at the moon,
As the tide rides you out to sea,
The blames closer to me,
Remind me where I've been,
From the days i was told to forget,
Putting on two pairs off socks,
To face the cold,
The jaw grinds your teeth away,
As it slips into another day.

I got back to see noone was there,
Swapping sensible for strange,
The car rolls on into the farm,
Forgetting the handbrake.

You said goodbye with a compliment,
A suffice responce to the hello,
Under a breath theres a comment,
Getting washed away as the storm blows.

A goat chews its way through the plans,
You concocted in the barn,
Writing in your mittens.

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

''Watch Out For The Iceberg Lettuce''

There was a knock at door,
I came too see,
But noone appeared,
I ventured and finally became ensnaired,
Then the sun came out,
And blew us all away.

She said,
Underneath her hand,
Underneath her brain,
The trapped sentiment,
Hidden behind the window pane.

Come on in,
Said the hinges squeak,
Pull the blind behind you,
We need to speak,
Turn on the light,
Turn it off and repeat.

On the front of the newspaper,
That skated under my body,
While I slept,
Was You,
Printed in pristine,
Just you.

Thursday, 6 January 2011

Knitting Factory Awards, Best Of 2010 Part 2

Best Music Video

Dj Fresh - Gold Dust

The songs pretty good, but the video is amazing, double dutch, look look, they can do what we cant and stuff x

Best Song

River Nelson - Beautiful Life

Amazing sentiment, Relevance, Gratefully delivered, Its just inspiring....

Best Book

An A-Z of Hellraisers: A Comprehensive Compendium of Outrageous Insobriety

This book is an a - z of outargeous insobriety the clues in the title if you need any ideas, for good nights out, this is where to go, but take your passport, a pint of milk and hope for the best. Written in a great way, not bogged down in every detail, just telling hilairious and baffling stories about some of the worlds greatest rogues throughout the ages.

2011 is this years open book, film and album xxx

Tuesday, 4 January 2011

To English To Cry

A quaint disaster,
To easy to miss,
A subtle punch,
To little a force to dismiss.

I couldn't let go on the village green,
Wouldn't break down amongst the serene,
Weak squash to help me breathe,
There's no future in the heads space,
To English to cry.

Clean air becoming more rare,
Racing the quakes,
Breathe in whats left,
Place your feet on the brakes.

Knitting Factory Awards, Best Of 2010 Part 1

This wont be held at the hammersmith appollo or even at anyones local bowls club, its just a persons view of 2010's highlights....And the winner is............

Album Of The Year

Titus Andronicus - The Monitor

This is due to the fact its the album I listened to from start to finish the most, I at times I craved it, waiting to finish whatever i was up to, so I could put it on again, you couldn't pick a single from it, listen and find out why. Hard to define in fe words, this is nowhere near a good enough metaphor, but its closer than the others and their were some pompous ones, and the fact a cant make a couplet fitting, reveals its genius. It's like watching a jack russell on its daily walk and lucifer battling it out to mark their territory, the dog endlessly sniffing to find the perfect spot, trailing through brambles and bluebells against it owner's amusement, while lucifer snuffles around trying to bring the uninterested canine to its knee's, and failing x

Film Of The Year

Shutter Island

Stylish and raw, bemusing and brilliant, like well cooked lamb shanks its leaves you wanting more and in the good way and not in the is that it way. Tried to think of others but this one just kept popping up over and over. Perrier's Bounty not far off in second and 44 inch chest coming in at third. 

Knitting Factory Open

The Knitting Factory is a poor excuse for a mind, it contains no music, no films, no poetry, no books, no recommendations, no style and definitley no substance. We can change this, and god help us we could x