Saturday, 27 April 2013

''Us Ugly Homosapiens''

The beauty staring back drawn the night away,
That flick of the hair that made everybody pray,
Like a tsunami gushing through the dancefloor,
The pristine kids hoping for evermore.

A recluse studies intracacies,
Within the paintings and theories,
The nights gleam where you almost felt real,
Retold twice and pulled you back in.

Summertime floosies,
Kept the wind in the their sails,
Drew out the winter,
For one season of tales.

Pocket's full of protection,
Might aswell lobotomise,
Us ugly homosapiens,
As we are the aliens.

Thursday, 18 April 2013

''Desire and Sensibility''

Chancers fill up the street,
Pinstriped lapels and buffed up polished feet,
Swilling out in vodka streams,
The smell of gold perks up their nose,
Linguistic weasels with caffeine lined easels,
Concrete bones made the landscape surreal.

Muddied posture with the crack of dawn,
Closed down the lighthouse where posterity was born,
With a horn and a chimney,
The sun bursts through,
Seen out of x-ray specs,
Everything became brand new.

Subtle mauve earrings,
Overplaying drones out with cosmetics,
Enhanced heads with papier mache prostetics,
Handing back waste,
Bludgeoned love letters,
Tattooed on teeth in the name of taste.

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

'Ignore Bliss, Then Realise'

If I had the chance to be awake,
I'd take it,
I'd run through the streets,
Climb all over it,
Dance upon the towers,
Inhale all the flowers,
Never sleep again,
Cover every inch,
Get lost in the forest,
Climb up every tree,
Hurtle my way through,
Every town and city,
But would I stop, look up and down,
Wonder why there is no sound,
Why there is noone around,
Ignoring bliss I realise,
All the things I've missed,
Stretched out further than the blue skies.