Saturday, 24 November 2012


Are we unloved?
Maybe unlovable?
Do we crave what we could never have?
Still bitter from before?
Must we grow a spine,
Maybe she's turning left,
While we change our mind,
Simply blind.

Are we ruined by circumstance?
Maybe blessed by fate,
Some sun stopped us being glum,
Or did the rain cause us pain?
Maybe but we will never know what to do,
Even when we want to.

Single headed,
We would like to be joined at the hip,
Staring at the mirror,
Staring down to her lips,
Maybe she glanced,
While we looked the other way,
Perhaps we would have caught a glimpse yesterday.

''This Oh My!''

These are the seams,
Pushed away by disease,
This rambunkshess nature,
A heartbreak and jab,
The mortuary slab.

Expecting me to be profound,
I wish that I could,
I'd express the correct actions and sounds,
To help you be understood.

These horrific scenes,
Caused at an unexpected age,
Would draw you to your knees,
Bringing an unanticapated heartache,
Identify and cry,
A rolling boulder fell from your eye.

Arms wide open,
A shoulder to unwind,
Cautious of this feeling,
Pain and grief is better than nothing.