Friday, 6 December 2013

''Noone Else''

Whatever you wanted to know,
I always hoped that you'd ask,
The people I've known,
The stepping stones of my past,
They got me here with you,
Your attention gleamed towards something new.

As we are taught from such a young age,
There is no love like a love forbidden,
The one we keep hidden,
The same ancient routines,
Falling in and out the same loops,
We are damned to repeat,
One after another,
Perfecting lists of remnants of just an extra lover.

Noone else would just stand and stare,
There's noone else I want to take me there.

Kicks to the teeth,
Will stop you smiling,
What boiled up underneath,
An optimism still driving,
You didn't know,
But did you care,
Was the helping hand,
To much to bare.

Thursday, 14 November 2013

''The Snake Age''

Astral silence,
On a baron saturday,
Formed to compliance,
A sour face stares back through a keyhole,
A default picture of a thing unknown,
What lies concocted behind the eyes,
Of a grimmace standing on the water and its current.
Doubt of the past trapped on a moment.

Compressed to a story,
Storyteller of tall tales,
Faces pressed up to window,
Hide behind a mist,
Bullertproof belief,
Conviction creeps up around you,
Running round fog ridden fields,
Aware of all mistakes.

Friday, 25 October 2013

''Party Scene''

Gregory's got his girl,
He in the corner,
Chewing at her ear,
Pete is in the queue,
Flatting down his bed hair,
Licking on his fingers and repeat.

Sandy took too much,
Noone will convince here,
To go home and blah, blah and such and such,
Veronica is asking everyone at bar,
If they saw Pete,
As her eyes gently flutterby and come to life.

This light flatters the demon inside,
That noone knows,
He's bowling up and down steps,
Grasping at the method of undue stares,
He claps his eyes twice at Victoria then inverts,
He looks up again when she's gone he had deflated.

Where were you?
In a circle singing to The Only Ones,
The post punks moved from their offices,
Onto a spinning dancefloor climbing aboard,
Where Sandy's travel sickness left her floor bound,
She's out their swimming hoping not to drown.

Friday, 11 October 2013


I saw a simple man, With simple pleasures, Looking within little treasures, A simple man, Fighting complex thoughts, Trying to unlock open doors.
Ideals and morals, Can leave you with sorrows, Can get in the way, Designed and constructed, Taught as conjunctive, Just human just destructive.
She went back to her life, But she was mine, I'd strive to accomadate you certainly, Like I'd never accomplished previously.

Tuesday, 1 October 2013


To fall near love,
So hopefully,
The experience of an increasing landscape,
To share and feel new breathes so listlessly,
New stories and smiles,
Exposing a warmth so blissfully.

Grudging and churning,
A stomach filled with knots,
Butterflies who fly so aimlessly,
New glimmers of growth,
Progression and hope,
To the sound on the breeze finding you wistfully.

Anticipation so new,
Such bold aching,
The days feel like months while we're waiting,
With each atom and fibre colliding,
Each hair on my body arising,
So I jump.

Monday, 19 August 2013

''Gleaming Dirt and Sun''

Flicked through the light, dark,
Dirt and scum,
Gauged the beaming smile,
By the dirt under the nail of your thumb,
Here's and invincible deceit,
It sticks around miles not just for weeks.

You breathe obscene,
Innocuous haze made me dream,
Around your curse,
We took the hearse,
Down to the beach,
The sand it glittered but shred your feet.

Held a raven innocent,
In the palm of my hand,
Everyone took a peak,
But it had no feathers, nor feet or beak.
A pokadot metaphor,
That fulfilled its cause.

Friday, 2 August 2013


Playing with the foam in your light beer,
Gasping under your eyes,
Turned into a sneer,
Stationary wondering why,
Pale like lightning,
Blondie and her girls.

Blood red eyes,
On milky tones,
Tatty t-shirt,
Its twisted sleeves,
Reveal the stories,
Bracelets of pearls,
Blondie gets all the girls.
Cigarette butts in the sand,
Burnt to a crisp,
Yellow stains on her hand,
Scars in the twist,
Delicately unfurled,
Blondie and her girls.

Saturday, 6 July 2013

All I Want To Do

Sit down and graze,
As they talk about you in reverse,
Still spinning plates,
Your aesthetics a curse.

Fill your face with due haste,
A replacement for food,
Don't gather a taste,
Just a colour of a look.

Seeing things periphally,
Little numbers hiding,
Simple misgivings,
Thrown in the deep end.

Counting on and off,
Just to settle,
Seeing the beauty of a rose,
With the wrong number of petals.

Sending out a kiss,
Floating cartoon lips,
Towards the chosen door,
And all I want to do.

Wednesday, 29 May 2013

''Blue Eyes Be My Bride''

Marry me,
Take my initial gesture,
This is no joke,
I'm not that appealing,
But I know this is now,
And this brings to me something daring.

Give me your hand,
This is us taking love back,
To its integral ingredients,
The meadow and its daisies,
I seen you with abundance,
And pondered new ages.

The fields and daisies,
Magestic behaviours,
This is our unity,
A blessing of purity,
I guess you are unsure,
But for me this is easy.

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

''Cry Yourself Clean''

Cry yourself clean,
Dream yourself thin,
No chances regained,
Impure not insane,
Keeping it together,
But granted its not forever.

Spending years on your own,
In a house of closed doors,
An expression turned to stone,
For the aid of pastures pure.

A disgrace on tradition,
That heart discerned,
Those close decisions turned down,
Crept in the memories initially burnt.

Saturday, 27 April 2013

''Us Ugly Homosapiens''

The beauty staring back drawn the night away,
That flick of the hair that made everybody pray,
Like a tsunami gushing through the dancefloor,
The pristine kids hoping for evermore.

A recluse studies intracacies,
Within the paintings and theories,
The nights gleam where you almost felt real,
Retold twice and pulled you back in.

Summertime floosies,
Kept the wind in the their sails,
Drew out the winter,
For one season of tales.

Pocket's full of protection,
Might aswell lobotomise,
Us ugly homosapiens,
As we are the aliens.

Thursday, 18 April 2013

''Desire and Sensibility''

Chancers fill up the street,
Pinstriped lapels and buffed up polished feet,
Swilling out in vodka streams,
The smell of gold perks up their nose,
Linguistic weasels with caffeine lined easels,
Concrete bones made the landscape surreal.

Muddied posture with the crack of dawn,
Closed down the lighthouse where posterity was born,
With a horn and a chimney,
The sun bursts through,
Seen out of x-ray specs,
Everything became brand new.

Subtle mauve earrings,
Overplaying drones out with cosmetics,
Enhanced heads with papier mache prostetics,
Handing back waste,
Bludgeoned love letters,
Tattooed on teeth in the name of taste.

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

'Ignore Bliss, Then Realise'

If I had the chance to be awake,
I'd take it,
I'd run through the streets,
Climb all over it,
Dance upon the towers,
Inhale all the flowers,
Never sleep again,
Cover every inch,
Get lost in the forest,
Climb up every tree,
Hurtle my way through,
Every town and city,
But would I stop, look up and down,
Wonder why there is no sound,
Why there is noone around,
Ignoring bliss I realise,
All the things I've missed,
Stretched out further than the blue skies.

Friday, 22 February 2013

''Dysfunctioning Straight Edge Blues''

Been reading in the dark,
And didn't learn a thing,
Been singing to the dog,
But he didn't here a thing,
Called out to the fool on hill,
I noticed she was crying.

Captured a book from its shelf,
It looked me up and down,
Told me to look at my health,
I peered around, there was noone else,
Taught me to look in the mirror,
Demanded I was thinner.

Sat next to a man in the American mall ,
He was dressed all in baby blue,
He told me I was dysfunctional,
And that he was too,
I gave him two compliments,
And blessed his lucky suit.

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Captain Handsome Pt.1

Brush your tongue,
Captain handsome,
It's only tradition,
Not just insanity.

Captain handsome,
Placing metal on his face,
For a special occasion,
An interstellar invasion.

Come out to play,
It's been a hard day shifting shapes,
Come look at the stars,
That's where we were.

Word of mouth,
Spilled into a pour,
Captain handsome,
Strikes once more.

Saturday, 2 February 2013

'She's Great'

She's perfection,
Ill run till I die,
Making out over cliffs,
I know I can fly.

Spread out our arm's,
As they're our own,
Make our way to mars,
Just to play with the stars.

She's lit from behind,
A beautiful silhouette, a dream,
A star on earth,
The most beautiful girl I've ever seen.

She carries spare sweets,
In her bag,
She spun me dreams,
The greatest gifts there's ever been.

Seen by every passing eye,
Beauty constructed,
Shared with every passer bye,
Never be destructive.

'Lets Play Up'

Bliss is it ill fated,
Beautifully understated,
Do you know who you are?
Yesteryear came and went,
With the blink of a star.
Leave vague happiness smothered,
Devoured and discovered,
Is it certain this time,
You say that you suffered.
But I know that it lies,
Just talk of great beauty,
And hope it survives,
Dont walk away,
Learn how to fly.

Friday, 1 February 2013

''Spanish Candles''

We lit our spanish candles together,
Illuminated the floral wallpaper.

Leave us here,
Hand in hand and out to sea,
Saw the moon light up the sky,
As the waves thunderclap over me.

Not for anyone else to see,
We set our sky lanterns free.

No ghosts over landscapes,
The rain clinched our fingers,
Floating and drifting under white doves,
The picture was made for us.

We blew out our spanish candles together,
Made the floral wallpaper disappear.

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

''Benefits Of Skimming''

Your eye's seem depressed,
But your face full of life,
You've been dressed down,
Concealing your strife,
You'd love to walk your dog,
Hand in hand in the fog.

Skimming stones on the pond,
And feeding the ducks,
Watching jets leave marks on the sky,
Your hearts been stolen,
You dont mind,
Bookmark this moment.

Smiling into a universe unknown,
Transfixed on a translucent ceiling,
Throw enough stones,
Your bound to hit something,
Looking back at the floor,
The ripples came back to hit the shore.

''You Cry Dont You''

You cry dont you,
When the wind hits your grace,
With the morning rain,
I want to tell you,
With that there is no shame,
We all do same.

The song on the radio,
Helps you let go,
When your alone,
Surrounded by secrecy,
Its your humility,
Your hardened decency.

Saturday, 12 January 2013

''Bramble Scratches''

Seen my reflection in the quagmire water,
Effort my way to a saunter,
This greys moved to midway,
Shut your mouth till its your day,
To combust into sunlight,
And blow all the clouds away.

Saw the heath's condensation,
On a ponds residue,
Fell through the bramble scratches,
Took the door of its hinges.

A cuddle seems so simple,
Fight up and get close,
Raw tactile in the kitchen,
Grab hold and squeeze me thin,
Got today in a headlock,
Drop your draw to the shell shock.

Bypass a blackhole,
Hell sucked you in like a dead soul,
Saw you cascade with a 1000 dances,
Took my love and all its chances.

Friday, 4 January 2013


Have we met before,
Were you a bump in the road,
Just maybe not,
It's time to go,
Everything your going to spout,
I already know.

I didn't sit there,
But maybe I did and it went unsung,
You were going to shout,
So I hid under your tongue,
The winter appeared,
Celestial coordinates to the sun.

I seen fire next to your mascara,
I reach for a lighter,
Set of a sparkler and it started,
I knew we'd never be parted.
A fool and you and certainty,
On a backdrop of fireworks certainly.

Thursday, 3 January 2013

''Death Perception''

Sand in the hourglass,
Falls back in the nirvana's scuff,
Time's on our side,
As the sand makes it way back up.
I find the luck of my eye's,
Cant keep up with my mind.

What I realised,
Rewound in my mind all night
Armed guards,
Show me their disregards,
A corden where obstacles collect,
Stared at by a fool set to disect.

In the signs reflection,
I keep up with shadows,
A hill glistened with diamonds,
Protected by daggers,
Proceed at your heart's congression,
Or fall to your death perception.