Sunday, 29 January 2012

The Man The Money Ruined

Birds that thrive early,
Get there money,
Get bigger wings,
Then move where its sunny.

The man ruined by desires,
Flush with no despair,
Repeating stories,
Too girls with longe blonde hair.

The man the money ruined,
Holds on tight to his photo's,
Evidently weathered,
Not sure if he became bewildered.
Bless away your moral's,
They're bringing you doom.,
Keep your eye on the tiger,
Not on the elephant in the room.

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

''On The Curb By Streetlight''

Me and you on the curb outside your house,
Talking and laughing till the early hours,
Still remember the look in your eyes,
The feel of your hand in mine,
Memories blossomed,
Under the streetlights.

The rain couldn't wash us inside,
Dancing in the streetlight,
With nowhere to hide,
Love blossomed,
I remember the look in your eyes
Recollections so treasured.

Saturday, 14 January 2012

That's For Tomorrow

Sat down with my hope,
Brought it too life,
Ran away with my dreams,
You saw the twinkle in my eye.

Walking on the tightrope
Didn't peer down the hole,
Couldn't run out of time,
Thats for tomorrow.

The brightest star in the sky,
Emblazened on me,
The tugboat on the horizon,
Came in from the sea.

Tuesday, 10 January 2012


Track Of The Year


This song has been played to death in this household, first heard it on Steve Lamacq's roundtable. You dont really hear guitars like this at the moment, its very refreshing. I had reservations of picking a cover for my favourite track, But I had too, the guitars, the whole feel of the song, its stoner, its for seagulls, its Santa Monica whatever that means. The lyrics really got me never really heard them like this before, but of course we must thank Bruce Springsteen for that, but without this cover I'd have been ignornant to a phenonemal story of the struggles of life. ''Now I work at the carwash, But all it ever does is rain''. Its Romantic, Its tough, Its vulnerable, Its a lot louder than it sounds.I could have picked Life's A Beach from the same E.P So Outta Reach.

Miles Kane - Better Left Invisible

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Awards Best Of 2011


Album of the year has to be Colour Of The Trap by Miles Kane, I've put this on so many times some unconventional melodies, 60s tinged brilliance, pop songs that will stay in you head for ages, you'll be humming re-arrange till there's cows trying to sell you new distributors of energy. It's Kinks, its Serge Gainsbourg, its The Pretty Things, Its Miles Kane which is its best asset. There even the abarsive riff from Cold Turkey in there. It deserves this mantle simply from plays alone.