Tuesday, 22 January 2013

''Benefits Of Skimming''

Your eye's seem depressed,
But your face full of life,
You've been dressed down,
Concealing your strife,
You'd love to walk your dog,
Hand in hand in the fog.

Skimming stones on the pond,
And feeding the ducks,
Watching jets leave marks on the sky,
Your hearts been stolen,
You dont mind,
Bookmark this moment.

Smiling into a universe unknown,
Transfixed on a translucent ceiling,
Throw enough stones,
Your bound to hit something,
Looking back at the floor,
The ripples came back to hit the shore.

''You Cry Dont You''

You cry dont you,
When the wind hits your grace,
With the morning rain,
I want to tell you,
With that there is no shame,
We all do same.

The song on the radio,
Helps you let go,
When your alone,
Surrounded by secrecy,
Its your humility,
Your hardened decency.

Saturday, 12 January 2013

''Bramble Scratches''

Seen my reflection in the quagmire water,
Effort my way to a saunter,
This greys moved to midway,
Shut your mouth till its your day,
To combust into sunlight,
And blow all the clouds away.

Saw the heath's condensation,
On a ponds residue,
Fell through the bramble scratches,
Took the door of its hinges.

A cuddle seems so simple,
Fight up and get close,
Raw tactile in the kitchen,
Grab hold and squeeze me thin,
Got today in a headlock,
Drop your draw to the shell shock.

Bypass a blackhole,
Hell sucked you in like a dead soul,
Saw you cascade with a 1000 dances,
Took my love and all its chances.

Friday, 4 January 2013


Have we met before,
Were you a bump in the road,
Just maybe not,
It's time to go,
Everything your going to spout,
I already know.

I didn't sit there,
But maybe I did and it went unsung,
You were going to shout,
So I hid under your tongue,
The winter appeared,
Celestial coordinates to the sun.

I seen fire next to your mascara,
I reach for a lighter,
Set of a sparkler and it started,
I knew we'd never be parted.
A fool and you and certainty,
On a backdrop of fireworks certainly.

Thursday, 3 January 2013

''Death Perception''

Sand in the hourglass,
Falls back in the nirvana's scuff,
Time's on our side,
As the sand makes it way back up.
I find the luck of my eye's,
Cant keep up with my mind.

What I realised,
Rewound in my mind all night
Armed guards,
Show me their disregards,
A corden where obstacles collect,
Stared at by a fool set to disect.

In the signs reflection,
I keep up with shadows,
A hill glistened with diamonds,
Protected by daggers,
Proceed at your heart's congression,
Or fall to your death perception.