Saturday, 24 November 2012


Are we unloved?
Maybe unlovable?
Do we crave what we could never have?
Still bitter from before?
Must we grow a spine,
Maybe she's turning left,
While we change our mind,
Simply blind.

Are we ruined by circumstance?
Maybe blessed by fate,
Some sun stopped us being glum,
Or did the rain cause us pain?
Maybe but we will never know what to do,
Even when we want to.

Single headed,
We would like to be joined at the hip,
Staring at the mirror,
Staring down to her lips,
Maybe she glanced,
While we looked the other way,
Perhaps we would have caught a glimpse yesterday.

''This Oh My!''

These are the seams,
Pushed away by disease,
This rambunkshess nature,
A heartbreak and jab,
The mortuary slab.

Expecting me to be profound,
I wish that I could,
I'd express the correct actions and sounds,
To help you be understood.

These horrific scenes,
Caused at an unexpected age,
Would draw you to your knees,
Bringing an unanticapated heartache,
Identify and cry,
A rolling boulder fell from your eye.

Arms wide open,
A shoulder to unwind,
Cautious of this feeling,
Pain and grief is better than nothing.

Monday, 22 October 2012

Thursday, 11 October 2012

''Benefits Of Skipping''

This time its luminous,
Its been dark before,
So rarely believe my eyes,
Sprouting health,
Creeped in discreetly,
Replenishing vigor.

This well torn path,
Is no longer covered in glass,
Take off your shoes,
Its covered in grass.

The man above,
Wore blue today,
Filled up the skies with love,
And blew us all away.

Somesault on the senses,
New expectations,
Hand in hand,
Jumping over fences.

Sunday, 16 September 2012


I've made mistakes,
But they're just simple pleasurses,
I like to drink,
To stop spitting feathers,
I've relived prayers,
In my own rendition,
We were promised miracles,
All we got were definitions.

In between heartbeats,
There are hills,
Hidden among the dour,
Are memories and thrills,
Self sacrifice in between hours,
Skipping through pitfalls,
Heres a quilt of promises,
Its all I have to give.

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

''There's A City Between Us''

Traffic dampens your days at work,
Protagonists don't question its worth,
Professionals give you the eye,
On the motorways playing eye spy,
Scientists seek out the truth,
By pointing at the sky.

What will we do,
When the signal dies,
Over the streetlights,
While we communicate,
There's a city between us,
And a million radio waves.

Spring cleaning todays surprise,
Reading another financiers demise,
A daughter a kiss and tell,
Dropping sterling into a wishing well,
Washing the ink off your hands,
For the cleanliness a visitor demands.

The satellites ring out,
In open space,
Above the blue skies,
But mostly the grey,
While the signal dies,
The windscreen fills with rain.

Thursday, 9 August 2012

''Globetrotting Through The Andes''

Dress the garden out in tea lights,
Camouflage the nighttime,
Turn off the street lights,
Invite round all your friends.

Give me a mercedes from the eighties,
Black, Stretched and made for parties,
Like one from the munsters,
On a mountain out in Cyprus.

Wet wipes will come in handy,
Globetrotting through the Andes,
Met you in Manilla,
Kisses taste like vanilla.

Fill my face with pavemenent,
Just to make a statement,
Fill my lungs with just one breath,
Run until theres nothing left.

Running out a restaurant,
This one was the best one,
I thought we'd eat for free,
While we visit Napoli.

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

''Roll Instead Of Fold''

Remember when you told me,
To roll instead of fold,
And walk away,
I didn't do what you asked of me,
Then it all went cold,
Because I stayed.

Hanging onto your advice,
Really should of told me twice,
There's nothing to hold onto,
So I grip onto the floor,
Really should be moving,
But I'm holding on for more.

Despite of everything,
I stood still in my shorts,
Staring at my phone,
Sending you reports,
Roll instead of fold,
I walk away.

Saturday, 28 July 2012


Appeaser just release her,
Take your love from the ceiling,
It wont become disturbed,
Buried away with your feelings,
Flying high getting lost,
In the emotions your dealing.

When your ready,
We will awake,
While you wait outside,
I'll be there to remonstrate,
Take your love from the ceiling,
Let the world underestimate.

Appeaser just release her,
Take your love from the ceiling,
Forget what you've heard,
Here's the wealth of a new feeling,
Appeaser just release her,
Take your love from the ceiling

Friday, 20 July 2012

''A Cat Called Red''

There once was a cat called red,
She slept at the bottom of my bed,
When i went to sleep,
Out she would creep,
Out the window and onto the shed,
Through the crack in the gate,
She would go see her mate,
And see what the night could bring.

In the night she would sing,
On top of a dustbin,
Jumping over fences,
Using all her senses,
As the birds would tweet,
And the sun would creep,
Red just below my feet,
Would purr as she pretends to sleep.

Thursday, 19 July 2012

''Just The Two Of Us''

Just the two of us,
In an air balloon,
Smiling down at a platypuss,
And every other semi-aqautic mammal,
Calling out to all,
Kissing the ground goodbye.

Test out a falling raindrop,
Tell it not to stop,
Boring its way,
To the centre of the earth,
Coming out to blossom,
Ready to pop.

Just the two of us,
In a submarine,
Causing little fuss,
I fell in love with a plastic bag,
Just me and you,
And a man in drag.

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Into The Abyss Of The Light

Dribbling onto the ocean floor,
From such immense height,
Fighting the breeze,
Ready to take flight with ease,
Run and fight into the abyss of the light,
Looking out over infinite waves,
I remain here for days,
When time stood still,
I was replenished in ocean sprays,
Run and fight into the abyss of the light,
Here is the enemy,
Marching in from miles away,
Just out of fingers reach,
Stepping through sun drenched streets,
Run and fight into the abyss of the light,
Didn't catch the sun,
Tip-toeing in from the horizon,
Feel the warmth on my face,
But my eyes are unopen
Run and fight into the abyss of the light.

Friday, 18 May 2012

Kaleidoscope Sunrise

Disrupting this well ordered queue,
I'm betrothed to you,
There's a good idea,
On the horizon,
But your wandering eyes,
Held a witting disguise.

Squabbling unthroaned,
In a street apposed,
Regressing Englands rose,
Your the guise of yesterday,
Permanence exposed,
Out to sea you set sail.

My idea unconditioned,
Saw the sunset with a kaleidoscope,
My morning replenished,
A new brand of hope,
The dew is settling,
Noone left repenting.

Thursday, 17 May 2012

From The Spell Awoken

From under another spell im awoken,
Gently peeling away,
Yesterdays daydream,
Walking on strawberry ice cream,
Just bless me with,
Your sugarcoated reasons.

Do you remember me,
Or was I just an illusion,
On the outskirts of days gone by,
Twiddling my thumbs.

Perhaps she put a spell on me,
In an eternity unwritten,
On the sea of strawberry ice cream,
I claim each star is twinkling,

Sunday, 6 May 2012

The Girl With Raven Hair

The girl with raven hair,
Flies up to your door,
Dancing round in pokadots,
Drawing on your wall,
She makes you a portal into secret gardens,
Blessing the dark with midnight parties.

Stars shining down upon you,
Emblazening the celestial sky,
Your name in glittering truth,
Mornings blessed with twinkling eyes.

The girl with raven hair,
Flies up to your door,
Floating in air,
Bringing an horizons encore.

Stars shining down upon you,
Emblazening the celestial sky,
Your name in glittering truth,
Mornings blessed with twinkling eyes.

Blue Skies

I felt the hairs on the back of your neck,
Prickling in the wind,
Resplendant in todays air,
Struggling with future wars,
Peeling art into wallpapers weakness,
Disecting the pattern to the door.

In the nights institution,
With fluorescent midnight gardens,
We'll return for you dearest,
When the horizons clearest.

Fluorescent torrents an occupying treat,
My daisys I beleive has a sweetness,
Is this a seminary, What can I see?
Am I departed? Am I really me?

Registering coastlines,
Sabotaging breadlines,
I was told of your goosebumps,
I've seen the courage take hold,
And it made me sad,
You taught me of blue skies, I saw them in your eyes.

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Names Will Not Be Changed To Protect The Guilty

No names shall be changed,
To protect the misdemeanors,
No prints shall be removed,
To protect there sticky fingers,
Leaves a bad taste in your mouth,
The repugnant feeling that lingers.


Saw the night arrive,
Kept it in a headlock,
Breathing in,
Blurting out,
Encompassing and forlorn,
The night played out till dawn.

Riddles outwithered,
Blessed and intwined,
You kissed the air in frustration,
Dragged out the door,
You wanted to teach him a lesson,
We said nothing more.

Lips split from the riddle,
Engulfed in gloss,
Getting dragged away,
In a haze of loss,
Glitterbombs and stars and stripes,
Riddles in hotpants.

Saturday, 25 February 2012

Time Be Kind To My Friends

May your horizons be bright,
God give me chance to reprieve,
Let love shine a light,
A reason to beleive,
There will be no rapture,
Sent to distract you,
Time be kind to my freinds,
Each and everyone of them

The lord is laughing,
Or is it just me,
The creases align,
For miles to see,
The horizon breaks open,
And were sailing out to sea,
Time be kind to my friends,
Each and every one of them.

Blemishes they fade to the floor,
Like the best days,
There will be more,
The horizons a wish away,
While your walking on water,
With the wind on your face,
Time be kind to my friends,
Each and every one of them

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

This Is My Spark, Where Embers Remain

Uncertain tides encompass my feet,
When getting by gets old,
Under the sand buried deep,
Go the secrets untold
When history repeats,
Whilst your feeling cold,

This is my spark,
Where embers remain,
Now its gone dark,
Remember my name.

Standing oblivious,
Blank to the world around,
Colours evaporate within each other,
Never to be discovered,
The prickly feel on your skin,
Blend in where the backgrounds begin.

This is my spark,
Where embers remain,
Now its gone dark,
Remember my name.

Saturday, 11 February 2012

To Elizabeth

To Elizabeth,
I saw this and though of you,
I cascade in the dark,
As you light up every room.

This afftecionate scene,
Located anywhere,
Captures me,
I want to be there
On the silver screen,
At the top of the stairs,
In sequence with a dream.

To Elizabeth,
You're everything I've seen before,
Its not enough,
I wander to your door.

Among the grass that's green,
Recollections reimagined,
Dreams already seen,
Presence captured,
Reimagintions agleam,
Grasp the enamoured,
Portraits and daydreams.

Thursday, 9 February 2012

Man On The Moon

I'm an entity formed from space bacteria,
So are you,
Thus distinguished hysteria,
Towards the man on the moon.

My friends celestial,
A captivating extra terrestrial,
She is a marble and the moon,
A solar flare in the room.

Upon blackholes reborn,
Among the debris between,
Through the milkyway marauding,
Bouncing around to the stars colliding.

Space dust in the ice,
Evolution of mars bacteria,
Captivating together one and another,
The man on the moons hysteria.

Sunday, 29 January 2012

The Man The Money Ruined

Birds that thrive early,
Get there money,
Get bigger wings,
Then move where its sunny.

The man ruined by desires,
Flush with no despair,
Repeating stories,
Too girls with longe blonde hair.

The man the money ruined,
Holds on tight to his photo's,
Evidently weathered,
Not sure if he became bewildered.
Bless away your moral's,
They're bringing you doom.,
Keep your eye on the tiger,
Not on the elephant in the room.

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

''On The Curb By Streetlight''

Me and you on the curb outside your house,
Talking and laughing till the early hours,
Still remember the look in your eyes,
The feel of your hand in mine,
Memories blossomed,
Under the streetlights.

The rain couldn't wash us inside,
Dancing in the streetlight,
With nowhere to hide,
Love blossomed,
I remember the look in your eyes
Recollections so treasured.

Saturday, 14 January 2012

That's For Tomorrow

Sat down with my hope,
Brought it too life,
Ran away with my dreams,
You saw the twinkle in my eye.

Walking on the tightrope
Didn't peer down the hole,
Couldn't run out of time,
Thats for tomorrow.

The brightest star in the sky,
Emblazened on me,
The tugboat on the horizon,
Came in from the sea.

Tuesday, 10 January 2012


Track Of The Year


This song has been played to death in this household, first heard it on Steve Lamacq's roundtable. You dont really hear guitars like this at the moment, its very refreshing. I had reservations of picking a cover for my favourite track, But I had too, the guitars, the whole feel of the song, its stoner, its for seagulls, its Santa Monica whatever that means. The lyrics really got me never really heard them like this before, but of course we must thank Bruce Springsteen for that, but without this cover I'd have been ignornant to a phenonemal story of the struggles of life. ''Now I work at the carwash, But all it ever does is rain''. Its Romantic, Its tough, Its vulnerable, Its a lot louder than it sounds.I could have picked Life's A Beach from the same E.P So Outta Reach.

Miles Kane - Better Left Invisible

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Awards Best Of 2011


Album of the year has to be Colour Of The Trap by Miles Kane, I've put this on so many times some unconventional melodies, 60s tinged brilliance, pop songs that will stay in you head for ages, you'll be humming re-arrange till there's cows trying to sell you new distributors of energy. It's Kinks, its Serge Gainsbourg, its The Pretty Things, Its Miles Kane which is its best asset. There even the abarsive riff from Cold Turkey in there. It deserves this mantle simply from plays alone.