Thursday, 6 January 2011

Knitting Factory Awards, Best Of 2010 Part 2

Best Music Video

Dj Fresh - Gold Dust

The songs pretty good, but the video is amazing, double dutch, look look, they can do what we cant and stuff x

Best Song

River Nelson - Beautiful Life

Amazing sentiment, Relevance, Gratefully delivered, Its just inspiring....

Best Book

An A-Z of Hellraisers: A Comprehensive Compendium of Outrageous Insobriety

This book is an a - z of outargeous insobriety the clues in the title if you need any ideas, for good nights out, this is where to go, but take your passport, a pint of milk and hope for the best. Written in a great way, not bogged down in every detail, just telling hilairious and baffling stories about some of the worlds greatest rogues throughout the ages.

2011 is this years open book, film and album xxx

Tuesday, 4 January 2011

To English To Cry

A quaint disaster,
To easy to miss,
A subtle punch,
To little a force to dismiss.

I couldn't let go on the village green,
Wouldn't break down amongst the serene,
Weak squash to help me breathe,
There's no future in the heads space,
To English to cry.

Clean air becoming more rare,
Racing the quakes,
Breathe in whats left,
Place your feet on the brakes.

Knitting Factory Awards, Best Of 2010 Part 1

This wont be held at the hammersmith appollo or even at anyones local bowls club, its just a persons view of 2010's highlights....And the winner is............

Album Of The Year

Titus Andronicus - The Monitor

This is due to the fact its the album I listened to from start to finish the most, I at times I craved it, waiting to finish whatever i was up to, so I could put it on again, you couldn't pick a single from it, listen and find out why. Hard to define in fe words, this is nowhere near a good enough metaphor, but its closer than the others and their were some pompous ones, and the fact a cant make a couplet fitting, reveals its genius. It's like watching a jack russell on its daily walk and lucifer battling it out to mark their territory, the dog endlessly sniffing to find the perfect spot, trailing through brambles and bluebells against it owner's amusement, while lucifer snuffles around trying to bring the uninterested canine to its knee's, and failing x

Film Of The Year

Shutter Island

Stylish and raw, bemusing and brilliant, like well cooked lamb shanks its leaves you wanting more and in the good way and not in the is that it way. Tried to think of others but this one just kept popping up over and over. Perrier's Bounty not far off in second and 44 inch chest coming in at third. 

Knitting Factory Open

The Knitting Factory is a poor excuse for a mind, it contains no music, no films, no poetry, no books, no recommendations, no style and definitley no substance. We can change this, and god help us we could x