Saturday, 15 October 2011

''Let Love Fill Up Your Lungs''

Recreationally i've been wasting time,
Minding my own business,
Reaching out for fresh air,
Closing your eyes to inhale,
Let love fill up your lungs.

Seen you flying in the skies,
Reflected horizons in your eyes,
Diving and dancing,
Freedom is granted,
A sight so enchanting.

Chasing rainbows,
Weaving between drops of rain,
Vitamin D from the sun
Close your eyes to inhale,
Let love fill up your lungs.

On the horizons sun, Monograms of ourselves, Restraints unfold and were undone.

Happiness is the holy grail,
For a modern life,
Close your eyes and inhale,
As the heavens open,
Let love fill up your lungs.

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Beautiful Day

Turn on the T.V,
A man in a suit proceeds to tell me,
That fighting talk fills the streets,
I look out my window,
The pavement is neat and tidy.

We knew pollen could make you weak,
But please come play,
You've got rosey cheeks,
Its a beautiful day.

Blackbirds fly bye and flock at 8,
Wafting through the echoes of the dark,
Close those eyes and inhale,
Its been a beautiful today.

New Elizabeth

New Elizabeth came in and ran supreme,
Interrupting you birthday week,
A simple glare, a smile and reaction,
A new incentive and distraction.

The wish it leaves the lovers breath,
The two of you were all thats left,
During armageddon you weren't bereft,
In an upturned bath,
The two of you gazed and laughed.

Glances and shared smiles,
Illuminate the road.