Friday, 22 February 2013

''Dysfunctioning Straight Edge Blues''

Been reading in the dark,
And didn't learn a thing,
Been singing to the dog,
But he didn't here a thing,
Called out to the fool on hill,
I noticed she was crying.

Captured a book from its shelf,
It looked me up and down,
Told me to look at my health,
I peered around, there was noone else,
Taught me to look in the mirror,
Demanded I was thinner.

Sat next to a man in the American mall ,
He was dressed all in baby blue,
He told me I was dysfunctional,
And that he was too,
I gave him two compliments,
And blessed his lucky suit.

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Captain Handsome Pt.1

Brush your tongue,
Captain handsome,
It's only tradition,
Not just insanity.

Captain handsome,
Placing metal on his face,
For a special occasion,
An interstellar invasion.

Come out to play,
It's been a hard day shifting shapes,
Come look at the stars,
That's where we were.

Word of mouth,
Spilled into a pour,
Captain handsome,
Strikes once more.

Saturday, 2 February 2013

'She's Great'

She's perfection,
Ill run till I die,
Making out over cliffs,
I know I can fly.

Spread out our arm's,
As they're our own,
Make our way to mars,
Just to play with the stars.

She's lit from behind,
A beautiful silhouette, a dream,
A star on earth,
The most beautiful girl I've ever seen.

She carries spare sweets,
In her bag,
She spun me dreams,
The greatest gifts there's ever been.

Seen by every passing eye,
Beauty constructed,
Shared with every passer bye,
Never be destructive.

'Lets Play Up'

Bliss is it ill fated,
Beautifully understated,
Do you know who you are?
Yesteryear came and went,
With the blink of a star.
Leave vague happiness smothered,
Devoured and discovered,
Is it certain this time,
You say that you suffered.
But I know that it lies,
Just talk of great beauty,
And hope it survives,
Dont walk away,
Learn how to fly.

Friday, 1 February 2013

''Spanish Candles''

We lit our spanish candles together,
Illuminated the floral wallpaper.

Leave us here,
Hand in hand and out to sea,
Saw the moon light up the sky,
As the waves thunderclap over me.

Not for anyone else to see,
We set our sky lanterns free.

No ghosts over landscapes,
The rain clinched our fingers,
Floating and drifting under white doves,
The picture was made for us.

We blew out our spanish candles together,
Made the floral wallpaper disappear.