Monday, 19 August 2013

''Gleaming Dirt and Sun''

Flicked through the light, dark,
Dirt and scum,
Gauged the beaming smile,
By the dirt under the nail of your thumb,
Here's and invincible deceit,
It sticks around miles not just for weeks.

You breathe obscene,
Innocuous haze made me dream,
Around your curse,
We took the hearse,
Down to the beach,
The sand it glittered but shred your feet.

Held a raven innocent,
In the palm of my hand,
Everyone took a peak,
But it had no feathers, nor feet or beak.
A pokadot metaphor,
That fulfilled its cause.

Friday, 2 August 2013


Playing with the foam in your light beer,
Gasping under your eyes,
Turned into a sneer,
Stationary wondering why,
Pale like lightning,
Blondie and her girls.

Blood red eyes,
On milky tones,
Tatty t-shirt,
Its twisted sleeves,
Reveal the stories,
Bracelets of pearls,
Blondie gets all the girls.
Cigarette butts in the sand,
Burnt to a crisp,
Yellow stains on her hand,
Scars in the twist,
Delicately unfurled,
Blondie and her girls.