Friday, 29 April 2011

''Let Me Go''

A frumpy lack of inspiration,
Squeezes its way through the crack in the windscreen,
Breathing my oxygen,
Erupting within my personal space,
A bloated facade,
Flicked the child locks on.

Let me go,
Allow me grace and dignity,
Let me feel heat when its freezing,
Allow me to breathe,
Or suffocate in peace.

Your t-shirts animated,
As I bounce of the ceilings,
The fear in mirrors,
Is exhausting,
Finding reflection becomes less appealing.

Let me go,
Allow me grace and dignity,
Allow me to breath,
Keep Britain tidy.

Saturday, 16 April 2011

The Barn

Scowl at the moon,
As the tide rides you out to sea,
The blames closer to me,
Remind me where I've been,
From the days i was told to forget,
Putting on two pairs off socks,
To face the cold,
The jaw grinds your teeth away,
As it slips into another day.

I got back to see noone was there,
Swapping sensible for strange,
The car rolls on into the farm,
Forgetting the handbrake.

You said goodbye with a compliment,
A suffice responce to the hello,
Under a breath theres a comment,
Getting washed away as the storm blows.

A goat chews its way through the plans,
You concocted in the barn,
Writing in your mittens.

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

''Watch Out For The Iceberg Lettuce''

There was a knock at door,
I came too see,
But noone appeared,
I ventured and finally became ensnaired,
Then the sun came out,
And blew us all away.

She said,
Underneath her hand,
Underneath her brain,
The trapped sentiment,
Hidden behind the window pane.

Come on in,
Said the hinges squeak,
Pull the blind behind you,
We need to speak,
Turn on the light,
Turn it off and repeat.

On the front of the newspaper,
That skated under my body,
While I slept,
Was You,
Printed in pristine,
Just you.