Sunday, 28 August 2011


All I can do is sit by her side,
And know she wont break the night,
What a time we had,
Before you perched on the floor,
With me by your side,
I’ve got the best spot,
She is the prettiest site.

Can I take your hands,
And lead this last dance
There’s spring in my step,
That wont let go,
Through the cracks in the moonlight,
I look amazed that I know.

I’ve got the best place,
Here in your space,
By my side,
The prettiest scene,
Felt what I cant hide,
A picturesque dream.

Saturday, 20 August 2011


Fuelled by madness,
Happiness and sadness,
Fuelled by football,
And a love of doing fuck all,
Fulled by contradictions,
Honesty and bad decisions.

Incandescence rears at any point necessary,
Overwhelming inspirations,
Fuels the pits necessity,
Clinging on desparatley.

Thinking philosopshies,
Shouting obscenitites,
Hiding Blemishes
Practising extremities.


His integrity he plunders,
Without grace,
Hitting the floor in fields of thunder,
Glimpse his disgrace,
Looking down your nose,
Doesn't suit your face.

 Shake your finger,
At the indulgence,
Its no distress,
From here looking up,
In no state to impress,
The literal face of excess.

More self righteous an entity he had never known,
On his route to the palace of wisdom,
So cast the first stone,
But you'll probably miss,
No eyes will wince,
From the face of excess.


We can only be,
The concoctions in love that we truly perceive,
There's no relevance in deceit,
Just grace in defeat,
It may be us against them,
There's no solutions without problems.

Dont rip me off emotionally,
And expect a kiss on the mouth,
Just behave freely,
What I adore dearly.

I didnt get clearance from the father,
To be the safety net for his daughter,
Now I'm wearing my feathery wings,
And flying south for the winter,

There's no solution to impulse,
No register for change,
Just problems and compulsions,
Just brains and slipstreams,
Close enough was nowhere near,
Just me and you dear.