Wednesday, 29 May 2013

''Blue Eyes Be My Bride''

Marry me,
Take my initial gesture,
This is no joke,
I'm not that appealing,
But I know this is now,
And this brings to me something daring.

Give me your hand,
This is us taking love back,
To its integral ingredients,
The meadow and its daisies,
I seen you with abundance,
And pondered new ages.

The fields and daisies,
Magestic behaviours,
This is our unity,
A blessing of purity,
I guess you are unsure,
But for me this is easy.

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

''Cry Yourself Clean''

Cry yourself clean,
Dream yourself thin,
No chances regained,
Impure not insane,
Keeping it together,
But granted its not forever.

Spending years on your own,
In a house of closed doors,
An expression turned to stone,
For the aid of pastures pure.

A disgrace on tradition,
That heart discerned,
Those close decisions turned down,
Crept in the memories initially burnt.