Friday, 6 June 2014

Put You're Fingers In Your Ears

I'm smiling but my blue eyes can't lie,
To love her,
To let her go,
However misleading a feeling,
Just hope for the best,
Swim for the stars,
Even if its just mini steps.

If I put my fingers in my ears,
Will you love me,
She says you're better than him,
But not better for her,
All the things I can't say,
Keep me awake,
To turn the other cheek,
But still just in and out of reach.

The rain soaks into my skin,
And drips from my brow,
As I sit and wonder,
About where I have been,
The when the here and now,
Faces that woken,
As I walked into a room,
The cruel words that been spoken,
And who we said them too.

Silences and cheers,
That have come and gone,
All memories linger of optimism,
On a backdrop of what may or might have gone wrong,
But a lesson learned is like money won,
As sweet as a kiss from a special one,
I bare my soul to you,
All my love and hate is been and gone,
We know we'll make it through,
Every right and wrong.

Thursday, 20 March 2014

''All We Have Is These Pictures''

Now all we have is these pictures,
You're so busy,
You're forgiven,
I saw a picture of the future,
And the house we lived in,
With the flowers in the porch,
With the streetlight flickering,
From the reflection of the water.

Now we pass on by,
Sometime soon,
Let's go outside,
With our hands clasped tightly,
Just wander everywhere,
The twinkles in our eyes shining brightly,
Maybe sometime soon with no goodbyes,
Or passing bye,
No ripples in the reflections of the water.

Monday, 20 January 2014

Orchestra Of Starlings

Find somewhere for me when I'm crying,
Nowhere near a pedestal,
Search out an alcove while I'm dying,
Where the rains does not touch,
Where the dramas disintegrate into nothing much,
Speak to me softly,
It's so loud outside,
Find me a some solice, where I can spare two minutes to hide.

Talk me out from slumber,
Trick me into daylight,
Lets lay our fingerprints into the snow,
Where only we really know,
Before the cherry trees blossom,
Tell me jokes and stories my darling,
Slip away with any fairies,
Fall asleep to the orchestra of starlings.

Friday, 10 January 2014

''Everyone Your Best Friend''

Walking an adventure,
To no amends,
Just one full stop is certain,
Sat and watched the light descend,
Seen a prophet in each person,
Everyone your best friend.

Brought a change so inevitable,
And fell by the roadside,
Opened up the car doors,
For everyone worthwhile.

Everyone your best friend,
For only one night,
Even when the last bell rings,
And they're out for a fight.

Walking an adventure,
To no amends,
Just one full stop is certain,
Sat and watched the light descend,
Seen a prophet in each person,
Everyone your best friend.

Looking out on floating waves,
Hoping the rain will wash away any sin.
Getting the taste of hairspray
A cormorant flaps its wings into the wind.

Look away from the horror,
If its too much to bare and dream of a shangri-la,
Sit by my side,
And we'll gaze at the stars.

Friday, 6 December 2013

''Noone Else''

Whatever you wanted to know,
I always hoped that you'd ask,
The people I've known,
The stepping stones of my past,
They got me here with you,
Your attention gleamed towards something new.

As we are taught from such a young age,
There is no love like a love forbidden,
The one we keep hidden,
The same ancient routines,
Falling in and out the same loops,
We are damned to repeat,
One after another,
Perfecting lists of remnants of just an extra lover.

Noone else would just stand and stare,
There's noone else I want to take me there.

Kicks to the teeth,
Will stop you smiling,
What boiled up underneath,
An optimism still driving,
You didn't know,
But did you care,
Was the helping hand,
To much to bare.

Thursday, 14 November 2013

''The Snake Age''

Astral silence,
On a baron saturday,
Formed to compliance,
A sour face stares back through a keyhole,
A default picture of a thing unknown,
What lies concocted behind the eyes,
Of a grimmace standing on the water and its current.
Doubt of the past trapped on a moment.

Compressed to a story,
Storyteller of tall tales,
Faces pressed up to window,
Hide behind a mist,
Bullertproof belief,
Conviction creeps up around you,
Running round fog ridden fields,
Aware of all mistakes.

Friday, 25 October 2013

''Party Scene''

Gregory's got his girl,
He in the corner,
Chewing at her ear,
Pete is in the queue,
Flatting down his bed hair,
Licking on his fingers and repeat.

Sandy took too much,
Noone will convince here,
To go home and blah, blah and such and such,
Veronica is asking everyone at bar,
If they saw Pete,
As her eyes gently flutterby and come to life.

This light flatters the demon inside,
That noone knows,
He's bowling up and down steps,
Grasping at the method of undue stares,
He claps his eyes twice at Victoria then inverts,
He looks up again when she's gone he had deflated.

Where were you?
In a circle singing to The Only Ones,
The post punks moved from their offices,
Onto a spinning dancefloor climbing aboard,
Where Sandy's travel sickness left her floor bound,
She's out their swimming hoping not to drown.