Tuesday, 21 August 2012

''There's A City Between Us''

Traffic dampens your days at work,
Protagonists don't question its worth,
Professionals give you the eye,
On the motorways playing eye spy,
Scientists seek out the truth,
By pointing at the sky.

What will we do,
When the signal dies,
Over the streetlights,
While we communicate,
There's a city between us,
And a million radio waves.

Spring cleaning todays surprise,
Reading another financiers demise,
A daughter a kiss and tell,
Dropping sterling into a wishing well,
Washing the ink off your hands,
For the cleanliness a visitor demands.

The satellites ring out,
In open space,
Above the blue skies,
But mostly the grey,
While the signal dies,
The windscreen fills with rain.

Thursday, 9 August 2012

''Globetrotting Through The Andes''

Dress the garden out in tea lights,
Camouflage the nighttime,
Turn off the street lights,
Invite round all your friends.

Give me a mercedes from the eighties,
Black, Stretched and made for parties,
Like one from the munsters,
On a mountain out in Cyprus.

Wet wipes will come in handy,
Globetrotting through the Andes,
Met you in Manilla,
Kisses taste like vanilla.

Fill my face with pavemenent,
Just to make a statement,
Fill my lungs with just one breath,
Run until theres nothing left.

Running out a restaurant,
This one was the best one,
I thought we'd eat for free,
While we visit Napoli.

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

''Roll Instead Of Fold''

Remember when you told me,
To roll instead of fold,
And walk away,
I didn't do what you asked of me,
Then it all went cold,
Because I stayed.

Hanging onto your advice,
Really should of told me twice,
There's nothing to hold onto,
So I grip onto the floor,
Really should be moving,
But I'm holding on for more.

Despite of everything,
I stood still in my shorts,
Staring at my phone,
Sending you reports,
Roll instead of fold,
I walk away.