Friday, 6 June 2014

Put You're Fingers In Your Ears

I'm smiling but my blue eyes can't lie,
To love her,
To let her go,
However misleading a feeling,
Just hope for the best,
Swim for the stars,
Even if its just mini steps.

If I put my fingers in my ears,
Will you love me,
She says you're better than him,
But not better for her,
All the things I can't say,
Keep me awake,
To turn the other cheek,
But still just in and out of reach.

The rain soaks into my skin,
And drips from my brow,
As I sit and wonder,
About where I have been,
The when the here and now,
Faces that woken,
As I walked into a room,
The cruel words that been spoken,
And who we said them too.

Silences and cheers,
That have come and gone,
All memories linger of optimism,
On a backdrop of what may or might have gone wrong,
But a lesson learned is like money won,
As sweet as a kiss from a special one,
I bare my soul to you,
All my love and hate is been and gone,
We know we'll make it through,
Every right and wrong.