Saturday, 17 December 2011

Cut A Lonely Figure

I've seen the man in you,
He cuts a lonely figure,
Seems brand new,
Focusing in on the sinner,
I've go to go,
I've got engagements that were prior.

You said you would never perish,
I've seen you shine brightly,
Pleading out and diminished,
Stepping out politley.

Cutting another lonely figure,
Couldn't see it smiling back,
I've got to go,
Understanding I see you know.

Understate how I missed you.

In the clearing,
Shining in the black
You had to go,
But now your'e coming back.

Thursday, 15 December 2011


Into light we conviene,
Wearing down our wheels,
With the exctracts we percieve,
In the eyes contact,
That we receive,
The dark side of the body,
We leave unseen.

Into life we remain,
In dwarved status,
We spend our days,
Screaming intropsections of disdain.

Infatuations of light,
Barely recognised,
Loves drained but not despised,
Into another light conveined,
In a tunnel,
With recognised dreams.

Into the light we conviene,
Staring at introspecting screams,
The dark side of the reality,
Blessed and unseen.